What is a CPAP Machine? (Difference Between CPAP, APAP, BiPAP and ASV)

It’s critical to realize the primary about the different forms of PAP (superb airway pressure) devices which might be used to deal with sleep apnea. Whether you’re newly diagnosed with sleep apnea or a more seasoned person or healthcare provider, this publish outlines the basics of each of the devices.

Our goal is that will help you understand the variations within the gadgets or better understand the tool you’re currently the usage of. Ultimately, we want to assist folks who suffer from sleep apnea be successful with PAP remedy. Read on!

What is a CPAP gadget?
Formal definition: CPAP, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, grants pressurized ambient air (normal room air) through a shipping machine (tubing and masks), for that reason casting off apnea activities in the course of sleep. CPAP is the only remedy for sleep apnea and can doubtlessly enhance the patient’s sleep overnight; dramatically improving the excellent of existence for individuals bothered with obstructive sleep apnea (study sleep apnea here).

What you want to recognise: CPAP is the most commonplace PAP device. If you had a snooze look at and a titration in a snooze middle, this in all likelihood the form of PAP system you will be encouraged. Many sleep professionals agree that the constant pressure is exceptional for treating obstructive sleep apnea (we’ll speak approximately variable pressures later) and it’s the most low-cost tool.

What is an APAP or autoset PAP gadget?
Formal definition: Auto titrating continuous positive airway pressure (bipap or APAP) machines are devices which might be set at a variable stress and modify the pressure based on the patient’s desires the use of an internal set of rules. The pressure is monitored and changed breath to breath to deal with the obstruction.

What you want to know: Since 2007, this tool is end up very popular after Medicare accredited domestic sleep apnea checking out (learn about that here). Some coverage companies are even denying requests for in-lab titrations in want of APAPs (they need to keep $$, learn about insurance insurance for sleep research right here). Here are the benefits and disadvantages of APAP:


(1) Having a tool which could alter its personal strain means that many sufferers can bypass the sleep middle altogether. These patients can use a home sleep apnea check and then an APAP. Easy peasy. No in a single day at the sleep lab.

(2) APAP may be used right now following a domestic sleep test for 4 to 6 weeks with a huge stress variety. Your healthcare company can then assess the usage statistics to decide an most reliable fixed pressure setting on a CPAP device.

(three) You can have a couple of beers, understanding it’s going to make your sleep apnea worse that night, however depend upon your APAP to alter for your strain needs (want to recognize if it’s OK to have a drink before your sleep study? Read this.)


(1) Not each affected person can skip the sleep center or use an APAP. Patients with CHF (congestive coronary heart failure), COPD (persistent obstructive pulmonary ailment), CO2 retention, daylight hypoxemia or weight problems hypoventilation syndrome, have to use a fixed pressure CPAP and feature a titration in a snooze center (find out about specific forms of sleep studies right here).

(2) The device works by means of sensing resistance inside the top airway and then delivering more or less strain; but, it feels the airflow at the masks, not in which the obstruction is in reality show up in the airway, which will increase the height airway strain that may boom threat of pulmonary headaches (it’s a small danger, but essential to consider). Additionally, there’s constantly a bigger chance of airleak. Mask becoming is extremely essential with APAP.

(three) APAP may be greater highly-priced than CPAP. Insurance corporations don’t recognize a difference between CPAPs and APAPs as a ways as coverage is involved. The CPT code is the same, E0601 and repayment varies with the aid of insurance organization. Cash prices can also range significantly between the 2 devices as the APAP is a more superior device and greater expensive to your issuer to buy from the manufacturer (examine greater approximately what PAP prices and what coverage will cover right here).

Which is higher: CPAP or APAP?
Formal answer: It relies upon. As mentioned above, it’s simplest an choice in case you don’t have any of contraindications indexed above.

But certainly, which is higher? It without a doubt depends. Our leader scientific officer, Said Mostafavi, MD has this to say:

Available records does no longer show any distinction in efficacy between CPAP and APAP. There are several blessings of having a titration in a nap middle- like higher mask fitting and patient education- but for lots sufferers, mainly the ones whose sleep apnea is recognized with HST, APAP will be taken into consideration. APAP can also be used throughout an in-middle titration in addition to being disbursed for a duration of up to 6 weeks so that you can decide constant pressure and then be switched to CPAP.

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